At Tune-In retreats we believe that you cannot separate the body, mind, breath and voice.
Join us this Spring for our Greek Retreat offering, lovingly curated by experts in their field, on one of the most uniquely beautiful islands in the world. In one week we will enable you to get out of your own way and "LET YOUR VOICE FIND YOU.’'

Our retreats are for singers, voice teachers, performance artists, spoken word artists, actors, yoga teachers, movement specialists, music healers, sound healers, professional therapists, life coaches, public speakers and anyone who wants to explore the breath and the voice. All are welcome, from beginners to seasoned professionals. 

At Tune-In retreats we focus on connecting wellbeing and performance. We offer transformational (and fun!) workshops that will give you tools to unify all the parts of your being, achieving a state of harmony that you can take into your future life. In one week we will help you achieve to get out of your own way and let your voice find you.


Arrival on Hydra Island on 11th May 2019 late afternoon. Workshops begin on the 12th May and end on the 18th of May.Departure day is on the morning of Sunday the 19th.

Join us this May on the island of Hydra, Greece. "Tune-in" back into your own natural state of harmony, as nature renews itself for the year, surround yourself with the Mediterranean Spring’s blooming wildflowers, the warmed azure blue sea, and the island's no-car lifestyle that fosters the inner peace needed to learn and hear one’s own true voice.

You will meet a like-minded group of people and will benefit from a resourceful and impactful week full of workshops and also have time in your day to enjoy inspiring locally guided hikes, healthy vegetarian Mediterranean food, and a luxurious home away from home.

Voice is a kind of soul characteristic of what has soul in it. Nothing that is without soul utters voice.
— Aristotle

The Greeks were the first in Western civilization to understand the power of sound. Hippocrates believed that nature was the true healer and that the body had an innate ability to re-balance itself. Pythagoras (570 BC–495 BC), the great mathematician and inventor of sound healing believed that "a state of harmony is a state that we all desire to return to."


Here is a video of your accommodations for you to get inspired and ready to join us: